The Health and Fitness Federation of Canada™ (HFFC™) recognizes that over that past 30 years, the curricula in University Degree Physical Activity/Exercise Science programs have evolved to incorporate advanced specialized experiential training in both health- and performance-related physical plus physiological fitness applications. The students in these curricula are educated, trained and examined by persons who have a PhD, teach and conduct research in either or both health-related and performance-related physical activity/exercise sciences. Correspondingly, College Diploma programs have expanded their health-related physical fitness applications and the students are taught, trained and examined by faculty members who have a minimum of a Master’s degree in physical activity/exercise science.

The evolving curricula at both universities and colleges have incorporated the growing research evidence associated with health- and performance-related physical activity interventions.  As well, the comprehensive practica or internships associated with these physical activity/exercise science concentrations enable students to gain the associated best-practice competencies that prepare them for entry-level employment in the physical activity/fitness field.  It is also important to note that these evolving curricula offerings are in addition to the customary core laboratory-based courses. These standards meet the requirements to be designated a Qualified Exercise Professional (see Jamnik et al. Applied Physiology Nutrition Metabolism 2007;32(6):1197-7; Warburton et al. Applied Physiology Nutrition Metabolism 2011;36:S232-S265; Warburton Canadian Family Physician 2013;59(7): 759-761).

The HFFC™ certifications recognize the specialized evidence-based theoretical and practical education provided at accredited universities and colleges which meet the Core Competencies delineated below.  

However, to be eligible for the HFFC-CPT™ and ​HFFC-CEP™, students must have a grade of B+ or higher in the health and fitness specialization courses and a cumulative grade point average equal to or greater than B+. These standards are consistent with the requirements of other health professions recognizing the importance of advanced post-secondary training in the exercise sciences.

Fellows please see here.