THE HFFC-CPT™ Fellow AND HFFC-CEP™ Fellow Designations recognize the expertise of HFFC™ FELLOWS to provide the specialized HFFC-CPT™ OR HFFC-CEP™ training within their college or university curriculum or through workshops.

To be considered for the designation of an HFFC™ Fellow, the HFFC™ requires the submission of a curriculum vitae and course syllabus. Unlike other certifying agencies, the HFFC™ does not require HFFC-CPT™ Fellows or HFFC-CEP™ Fellows to attend an HFFC™ workshop and pass the associated examination before they can submit the names of their students who have met the requirements of the HFFC-CPT™ or HFFC-CEP™ certification.  As well, the ​HFFC™ does not provide financial incentives to these ​HFFC™ Fellows for each name submitted for certification. Further, the students whose names are submitted are not required to pass any additional examination (and pay the associated examination fees) to receive ​HFFC-CPT™ or ​HFFC-CEP™ certification. Rather, the ​HFFC™ certifications recognize the specialized evidence-based theoretical and practical education provided by ​HFFC™ Fellows at accredited universities and colleges which meet the Core Competencies delineated on this website. However, to be eligible for the HFFC-CPT™ and ​HFFC-CEP™, students must have a grade of B+ or higher in the health and fitness specialization courses and a cumulative grade point average equal to or greater than B+. These standards are consistent with the requirements of other health professions recognizing the importance of advanced post-secondary training in the exercise sciences.